Question Answer session with Babaji (Bangkok-Part3)

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This Q&A is part 3 of series of 3 parts, Part 1 can be viewed here Part1 of Q&A with Babaji in Bangkok and Part 2 can be viewed here Part2 of Q&A with Babaji in Bangkok


Ques13 Babaji, what will happen to the children of Satsangis who do not follow Santmat and stray away in the opposite direction?

BABAJI Sister, Santmat is not a paternal inheritance. There is no guarantee that if the parents have been initiated then the children will also get initiation. It is not necessary that the entire family will follow Santmat. Naam is given only to those persons who have it written on their Mastik (forehead) — (only those who are destined by God). Sometimes when the child’s time comes, he is automatically drawn to this path, even while earlier he never agreed to your views. Let your children have the right to keep their own views.

SATSANGI Another question. What will happen to those children who are born mentally handicapped and who belong to Satsangi families?

BABAJI Sister, whom do you call handicapped? Are we not handicapped one way or other? Don’t we all suffer from some mental problems? We are all unhappy due to the wrong working of our minds. The children who are mentally retarded have no worries. They are unaware of their Sukh Dukh. It is we who are unhappy to see their condition. Our karmas are tied to theirs. When we are unhappy, we mistake it that they are unhappy. But they are in a better condition because they are not creating any new karmas. Stop worrying about them. Take care of your own self and save your self from becoming emotionally and mentally troubled and handicapped.

Ques 14 Babaji, in this world we do so many things naturally and automatically. We naturally run our household and bring up our children. We work hard to maintain social responsibilities and maintain our friendships. All this hard work and effort comes to us naturally and we enjoy doing all this. Then why is a human being not equipped with a natural tendency to work hard for Bhajan Simran and attain God naturally?

BABAJI Brother, God has made a creation where every thing happens naturally. The sun rises in its own time every day. The moon comes out when the sun goes. The rains come in time. The weather changes according to the change of seasons. All things happen naturally. But we human beings have made a wrong use of nature and this world. We don’t do every thing in a natural manner. Many things we do out of selfishness. Man has become so selfish that if someone comes to visit his house, he first ascertains whether that person is useful to him or not. Only then he gives entry to that person and offers him tea. If that person is not useful to him then he instructs his servants to tell the visitor that sahib is not at home. We try to see everything with our own perspective. We try to judge others through our eyes. We don’t grant exception to Saints and Mahatmas too. If some person is standing in the sun’s heat and if a Saint invites him to come and stand with him under the shade of a tree, then that person is bound to think that the saint must be inviting him due to some selfish reason and he starts doubting the saint’s intensions. We judge others by our own standards. What we are, we think others are that way too. God had made everything good. Man has spoiled the things.

Ques 15 Babaji, since the last four months I am very troubled and unhappy. Please have Daya Meher upon me.

BABAJI Sister, God’s Daya Meher is always upon us. Without His Daya Meher we would not be here. The only thing that is lacking is our faith and trust. Our trust is not strong. God who has the power to give also has the power to know. Bin bole sab kuch mile tis aage kije ardas. Pray to the God who will give you everything without having to ask for anything. Just have faith and keep you attention in Bhajan Simran. Everything will be fine in due course of time.

Ques 16 (By one Thai Sister) Babaji, I have been born in Buddha religion. I have deep faith in Buddha’s teachings. Only now very recently I have heard about RadhaSoami name and read some books too. And I have attended your satsang for the first time. I have found a great similarity between Buddha’s teachings and your teachings. The only main difference is that RadhaSoamis follow the living God in the form of their Guru. Before this I have never heard such a Satsang nor visited such a place. That is why I do not know how to address you respectfully. If I am not respectful enough then please forgive me.

BABAJI Sister, there is no definite name in Radhasoami by which you can call the Guru. Whichever name you like, you may address me by that name. the real pleasure of the Guru is in the heart and not through any words.

SAME SISTER Thank you Guru Ji, I also believe that real respect should be in the heart and not in words only. My question is in two parts. The first part is that 20 years back one man had caused great torture and extreme insult to me. Till today I have not taken any revenge from him nor even tried to harm him. He has made me suffer maybe because I must have harmed him in my previous birth. But now after a gap of 20 years, again he has become beastly and now I have decided that I too should teach him a lesson so that he should stop misbehaving with me. Today before coming to the Satsang I had decided that I will drag him to court. But after hearing your Satsang there has occurred a change in my decision. You have said in your Satsang that if we forgive others then God will also forgive us and you said not to punish others so that God will also not punish us. You also said that no one can harm any other person without harming his own self and that without the will of God no one can harm us. You also said that the mind is very powerful and cunning and tempts us to do anything. Your satsang of today has stopped me from taking revenge. My question is that what method I should use to stop my mind from taking revenge from that man in the future? Please show me some way.

BABAJI Sister, it is very easy to take revenge or to stop your mind from taking revenge but it is very difficult to forgive others. If someone abuses you or insults you or creates false stories about you behind your back then you also try to abuse him and do the same thing to him. He has fallen low but by taking revenge we also have fallen low like that person. Then there remains no difference between you and that person. You make yourself strong and don’t react negatively. Just calmly listen to his abuses and go your way or tell him that you are sorry that because of you he has fouled his mouth.

SAME SISTER Guru Ji, the mind is very powerful and we are very weak in controlling it. I am not able to control my mind in this matter. Please give me some method or maybe some mantra by which he will stop troubling me and by which I will not have this feeling of revenge.

BABAJI Sister, Huzur Maharaj Ji used to say that if there is one fool then let there be only one. Don’t become like him. Else there will be two fools. One fool is better than two fools.

SAME SISTER Thank you Guru Ji, I will try to remember your words. My second question is that it is believed by the Christians that Jesus was the only son of God. What do you have to say about it?

BABAJI did not give any answer to this question perhaps because He did not wish to hurt other people’s religious


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