Question Answer session with Babaji (Bangkok-Part2)

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This Q&A is part 2 of series of 3 parts, you can find part 1 here: Part 1 of Q&A with Baba ji in Bangkok

Ques 7 Babaji, you said in the Satsang that we should detach ourselves from all worldly relationships but I love my mother very much and she also loves me extremely and I do not want to detach from her.

BABAJI Sister, I did not say that you should stop loving your mother and father. I said that once a girl gets married and receives the love of her husband, her love for her brothers and sisters or mother and father take a secondary place and the girl feels attached to her husband and detached from her family. SAME SISTER But I love my mother very very much and we both have no intention of separating from each other BABAJI All right Sister, accepting that you both love each other but if your mother insists that you should remain with her all 24 hours and if she would not allow you even to mix with your friends, won’t you then scold her for her possessiveness and request her to give you some breathing space? In this world no relationship, no feelings, no situation can remain constant. Times change and our reactions change too.

Ques 8 Babaji, I have not received Naam Daan. I am a vegetarian and I do believe in Santmat. But I eat the cakes and chocolates which contain eggs. Is that bad too?

BABAJI Yes it is bad and you have to account for these karmas whether it is done knowingly or unknowingly. SAME SISTER But I do not eat the cake for the sake of the egg. In fact I cannot even taste the egg and the egg is not even visible in it. BABAJI You mean to say that there is no harm in eating something which is not visible or something which is not seen is not a sin? Then if teenagers switch off the lights and do anything, would that also be fine since we did not see anything? SAME SISTER Please Babaji, tell me whether it is wrong to eat such cakes. BABAJI Sister, first tell me whether eating an egg is wrong. SAME SISTER Yes eating an egg directly is wrong. BABAJI Then you have automatically got your answer.

Ques 9 Babaji, I give my full time to my meditation but I do not find any progress. I am worried whether The Master will come to me at the time of my death since there is not much progress.

BABAJI Brother, do not worry unnecessarily. Just keep your attention to your meditation and do not try to measure any progress. The Master does not see your progress. He only sees your efforts and sincerity.

Ques 10 Please tell me the easiest method how to concentrate my mind.

BABAJI Brother, when we are busy doing some important work or busy studying for an exam, we do not like even music to disturb us and we get up to switch off the music. We close our ears to any outside sound.Also we switch off the TV because we do not wish to see anything else. We also isolate ourselves from other people because we cannot do our work properly while we are talking with other people. Similarly we can concentrate on our meditation only when we close our eyes, ears and lips and direct our mind to the inner eyes, ears and lips.

Ques 11 Babaji, since the last two or three years I have wanted to ask you a question but I did not have the courage to do so. Once or twice I did try but I became so scared that instead of asking my question I asked some other unimportant question.

BABAJI Brother, why do you feel so much scared. Actually I should feel scared when people ask me questions. You have to ask only one question but I have to answer to thousands of people. Sometimes my condition is like a person who is being interrogated by the police. A variety of people ask such variety of questions from all directions. You don’t have to feel scared. You ask your question.
SATSANGI Babaji, I have heard the Satsang of Huzur Maharaj Ji since many years. Since the last ten years I am listening to your Satsang. I have a lot of time so I read a lot of Santmat books too. Now I feel no interest in this world. I don’t feel any pleasure in attending any parties or social functions. The only pleasure I get is in having your Darshan or in attending your Satsang or in mixing with people who talk about our Guru or on Santmat topic. When I come to know about the dates of your Satsang programme in various places, I feel tempted to follow you in all those places to get your Darshan and listen to your Satsang. But then we are given a notice at our Satsang centre that we should not follow you. There is no Hukum to do so. Babaji, on the one hand you make us turn away from this Sansar (worldly things) and on the other hand when we want to catch you, you don’t allow us to do so. Now tell me what we should do? May we please follow you to all those places or not?
BABAJI Brother, I know that a notice is sent to all the Satsang centres, which is read out to all the Satsangis. But most of the people do not give any importance to that notice and do as they please. They think that they are going for Darshan and Satsang and what harm can come from it. Yes no harm can come from this but let me tell you that such people come here empty handed and go back home empty handed too. They get no benefit from coming after me. Even if they were to sit 24 hours in front of their Guru, they will not gain anything. And the persons who control their mind and respect the Hukum get the grace of their Guru in their own homes itself. The Master fills them with Daya Meher. Brother, the mind wants so many things. But tell me, is the mind greater or is Hukum greater?
SATSANGI Hukum is greater Babaji.
BABAJI Then we should live in Hukum. Only then we will gain Guru ki khushi (Guru will be pleased with us)
SATSANGI But when we read the stories of the Saints we find that they too felt (tadap) an unquenchable desire for their Guru’s Darshan and many times wept too. For example Sardar Bahadur Ji Maharaj always had TADAP for the darshan of His Guru.
BABAJI It is good that you took the name of Sardar Bahadur Ji. You must have read that when Bade Maharaji was taken ill and admitted into a hospital at Amritsar, He gave orders that no one should leave the Beas Dera. But each and everyone made some or the other excuse and went to the hospital to have the Darshan of their Guru. Only Sardar Bahadur Ji did not go anywhere and stayed in the Dera. He remained in The Hukum. Did he not have TADAP for his Guru’s Darshan? He kept respect for His Guru’s Hukum. And we all know what He gained. It would be good if you too should remain in Hukum.

Ques 12 We are told that out of two and a half hours of meditation we should give two hours to Simran and half an hour to Bhajan. Is half an hour not less enough?

BABAJI Sister, there is no question about 30 minutes only. This depends upon your own desire. 30 minutes is only the beginning. Shabad is there inside you all 24 hours. You can listen to It as much as you like.

This Q&A is part 2 of series of 3 parts, you can find part 3 here: Part 3 of Q&A with Baba ji in Bangkok

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