Questions & Answers Session – Singapore 13 Apr 2014 -Part 1 of 2

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Ques: Master, During my meditation, I used to see the light but now when I sit I don’t see the light anymore?

Baba Ji: Brother the light is always there. For example if I look at you, I see you but if I turn my head in the other direction I will not be able to see you. You have to look in the right direction and do not get distracted.

Ques: Master, the thoughts that come to my mind, are they from the mind or God?

Baba Ji: The thoughts come from mainly the mind sister. We have the power of discrimination, to choose from right and wrong.

Ques: Master you look very beautiful, so is God like you?

Baba Ji laughs: Sister, God is neither male nor female; he does not wear a turban. God is shabad, the light and sound. God Does not have a form.

Ques: Master, I have been initiated for 3 years and when I try to meditate but I fall asleep?

Baba Ji: When the mind is at bliss it tends to fall asleep. When you catch yourself doing this, get up and try again. Repeat the names.

Ques: Why do satsangies have more sufferings?

Baba Ji: Sister, you are associating with only satsangies that is why you think that they are the only ones suffering. You have no idea what the other people are going through

Ques: Why can’t we get to know you more personally? Master can you stay with us?

Baba Ji: Sister if I stay here with you all, in two days you will tell me to leave because you will miss watching your TV programs and your gossip.

Ques: Master what do I do when I have bad thoughts?

Baba Ji: Brother, do your simran.

Ques: Master, why is the mind so stupid and stubborn?

Baba Ji: The mind is just like a computer, it will output whatever information is inputted into the computer. That is the reason we take care and see to it that out children don’t watch violence on TV because those images will be downloaded on the mind

Ques: Master, when doing our sewa, In that process if we hurt someone unintentionally, what do we do?

Baba Ji: Brother, we cannot please everybody, do your sewa to the best of your ability and the rest the lord will take care of.

Ques: Whenever a disciple sits in meditation he is never alone!

Baba Ji: It is not for us to judge the progress, ours is to do our duty faithfully and leave the rest to the Master. Attend to your meditation most regularly without fail. Look upon it as your most paramount duty towards the Lord.

Ques: How can we love the Guru, please teach us?

Babaji: Sister, love is a feeling, it can’t be taught. Just like a mother calls her child with different pet names but that does not change her love for the child. In the same way we in our love have kept different names of God but God is one. The only way we can love our guru or express our love to him is by our meditation. All other forms of love are only to the physical level.

Ques: Why is it that we love the physical form of the master?

Babaji said: Since we have not seen the lord it is natural that we have limited ourselves to what our eyes can see but we have to rise above the physical and go to the spiritual. He said if we love the physical form, we will be limiting ourselves to the physical

Ques: Can I come and hug you and touch your feet?

Babaji laughed and said: Sister, if I allow you, you can see all the people in the hall sitting here will also follow you and in the end I will become a sandwich and laughed. He also told her that by hugging and touching my feet you will limit yourself to the physical form and she should rise above that

Ques: Where are the feet of the master?

Babaji said: The feet of the master are at the eye centre so that is why we have to concentrate at the eye centre so that we can be at the feet of the master.

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