Questions and Answers with Baba Ji – Dubai – 2013

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Babaji’s Dubai Visit – (English) 16.4.13

The main point which Babaji tried to explain was the importance of meditation in our daily routines.

Q & A’s

Ques: Babaji every time you pay us a visit, we feel the love we have for you and once you leave we attend regular Satsang for 2-3 months, but gradually as time passes by we become inactive, and stop with sewa and satsang.

Baba Ji: If your love was true, the distance or my presence wouldn’t matter. You should make sure to keep satsang and sewa as a part of routine indifferent of my Darshans or presence.

Ques: I get bored in Satsang and oftenly fall asleep… What to do?

Baba Ji: What about the 3 hour long movies you watch? Don’t u fall asleep then? If there is interest in something, you don’t realize the time spent. You all fall asleep because you don’t find Satsang interesting. If there was a Shah rukh khan movie going on or you were in a Jewelry showroom, trust me you wouldn’t fall asleep even if it was 5 hours. Would you?
Disciple: Yes Babaji you are right, I’d always watch a Shah rukh movie without falling asleep.
Babaji: See the kind of people I have competition with nowadays.

Ques: I have marks on my face and I’ve spent millions trying to get rid of them but still don’t. Babaji please help me get rid of this everyone laughs at me.

Baba Ji: Why do you want to have such friends who love or want to accept u only by your physical appearance? There is no point of trying to make such people happy. Keep friends who accept and love you the way you are.

Ques: I work in a company where they make leather products and animal killing is involved. Does that add to my Karma?

Baba Ji: It doesn’t as far as you are not directly connected to killing.

Ques: My husband was a strict Satsangi and Follower until there were some problems at home and he stopped believing in you. Now he says God doesn’t exist, what can I do?

Baba Ji: Even if someone has the worst parents in the world, and their parents do something really bad, that person can’t say that he is an orphan. In the same way, if someone says that God doesn’t exist, God’s presence won’t vanish. It doesn’t matter what people say. God is still there where He was.

Ques: I can’t do meditation sitting in one place, can I do it while I do my other tasks?

Baba Ji: If a kid says to his parents that I will do my homework while I am playing, would his parents listen to him? the kid has to do his homework at a right time, and play during his free time. In the same way we have a right time for Simran which is JUST for simran. Once we are done we are free to do whatever we want to do.

Ques: I was meditating continuously for 6 months since I got initiated, but now I no more feel like. What to do?

Baba Ji: We have to learn to go against the flow. Every time we meditate we are trying to swim against the flow of a river. As soon as we stop we will fall down again. Therefore, we have to hold ourselves. i.e: keep meditating even when we don’t feel like.

Ques: can I do simran while laying down? I can’t sit for long due to health issues.

Baba Ji: The body identifies the laying down position with sleeping, thats why its not a good idea to meditate while laying down as there are high chances of falling asleep. While sitting you may take help of pillows, etc. to make your body more comfortable.

Ques: My sister unknowingly revealed the Naam Daan to someone… what will happen now? Will she get punished?

Baba Ji: What can I say if some people have even uploaded it on the net!

Ques: Why don’t you come regularly to Dubai?

Baba Ji: I think I’ll have to make my clones and spread them all over the world to keep everyone happy.

Radha Soami Ji !!!

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