Question and Answers with Baba ji – Bangalore – Part 2 of 2

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This is Part 2 of Question and Answers in Bangalore, Part 1 can be seen here – Part1

Q12. I am not Initiated, can I do Simran of the name `Radha Soami’?

Babaji – No, before Initiation you should not try to do any kind of Meditation or Simran. If today you do Simran of the name `Radha
Soami’ you will find it difficult to break it when you receive Initiation and will have to do the Simran of the names given to you
during that time. Till Initiation just read the books and attend Satsangs.


Q13. Babaji, how do we convince our kids to follow Sant Mat?

Babaji – You should not force your kids to follow Sant Mat. Just be a good Satsangi, set a good example in front of them and then they  would automatically like to follow. “If you have a cigarette in your own hand then how can you tell your kids not to smoke?”


Q14. Babaji, I do meditation regularly, earlier I used to see everything inside but, now I am not able to see anything at all, has God taken away the Shabd from me?

Babaji – Brother, God has not taken the Shabd away from you, it is you who are not able to concentrate on that. For example, if you turn
your face in the opposite direction, you will not be able to see me, you will think that I am not there, but, the fact is that I am still there, it is you who have turned your face in the opposite direction and are not able to see me.


Q15. Babaji, I cant do Meditation at all, please help me.

Babaji – Sister, if you are interested in something you will automatically do it. So if you are interested in Meditation you will
do it. Just sit and do it. “You are working for those jobs for which you will not get any returns.”


Q16. Babaji, by doing Mediation do all our sins get burnt?

Babaji – Sister, you have found an easy way out for finishing your Karmas. If you give pain you will experience similar kind of
pain, “An eye for an eye”. Meditation does not finish all your bad karmas, it only burns your Sinchit Karmas, you have to go through
your Prarabdh Karmas as well as the Karmas which you are creating now. Try to do good Karmas as much as you can. “If you commit a mistake once I will forgive you, if you repeat it again I will scold you but, if you keep on repeating it I will pull your ear.”


Q17. Babaji, you say that a child enjoys the world because, he holds his father’s finger. When his father leaves his finger he becomes sad and doesn’t enjoy anything anymore. Why does the father leave the child’s finger?


Babaji – Brother, the father doesn’t leave the child’s finger, it’s the child who leaves his father’s finger. As the child gets older his attention spreads into the world and he forget his father. It is upto the child to remember his father and hold his finger again.


Q18. Babaji, aap bohut kam hanste hain.

Babaji – Brother, if we do something less then it has greater value.


Q19. Your Satsangs are very interesting but you give them only in Hindi and English and not in Kannada or Telugu due to which most of the people from the South Indian villages don’t understand it. I request you to please keep a translator with you who translates the
Satsang into these languages so that we can understand it.


Babaji – Love, has no language. But, as per your request we will try to keep translators who will translate the Satsang in these
languages. We will try it out in Beas first, if it works out there we will try it in the other Centres too.


Q20. I am not an Initiate but, I listen to your Satsangs and read the books. But, sometimes I eat meat once a week or so. Is it ok?

Babaji – If you are following Sant Mat you are supposed to be a vegetarian, its one of the important principles of the path. So if
you are serious about the Path then try to be a vegetarian because, after Initiation you will have to give up meat, eggs, etc. for the
entire lifetime.


Q21. Babaji, when my uncle sits in Meditation why do tears come to his eyes?

Babaji – Those tears are of the separation from the Lord, of the Virah. Don’t worry about it.


Q22. I do Meditation regularly but, cant do Seva at all, is it ok?

Babaji – Sister, Seva is not a must but, Meditation is a must, it is the real seva, keep doing it, don’t worry if you cant do the physical

Radha Soami Ji

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