Question and Answers with Baba ji – Bangalore – Part 1 of 2

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Place: Bangalore
Date: Saturday, 14th April 2006 –

Q1. Babaji, will you take me to Sach Khand in this birth itself?

Babaji – Sister, aisa hain ki meri jo Magic Ball hain na, jo future batati hain, vo repair ke liye gayee hui hain, jab vo repair hokey aayegi tab main aapko bataoonga. (laughter from Sangat).

Aap apni Meditation karoge to vo aapko definitely le jayega, aap mujhe kyon bura banate ho? Apna future aap khud banate ho.


Q2. Babaji, do you come to take the soul of Non-Initiates also if they believe in you?

Babaji – Whether you are Initiated or not, it is Satguru’s responsibility to take care of you till the end. You don’t have to worry about it.


Q3. Babaji, I am not able to concentrate in Meditation?

Babaji – You have to keep practicing, you will be able to concentrate slowly and gradually. Keep trying.


Q4. A young girl about 13-14 yrs old was crying a lot and told Babaji that she is very crazy about Him and wants to be close to Him
all the time but, the Sevadars don’t let her come near Him.

Babaji – Beta, jab aap bade hoge na, tab main aapko bulaake poochoonga ki kya ab bhi aapko mera utna craze hain jitna pehle tha?
Yahan jitne log baithe hain na, inse poochho, jab yeh mere paas Initiation ke liye aaye they, inko bhi mera craze tha, inhon ne
mujhse promise kiya tha ki yeh regularly Meditation karenge, lekin ab inke paas Meditation ke liye time nahee hain.


Q5. I do a lot of Meditation, please show me everything and take me with you right now.

Babaji – You should not measure your Spiritual progress at all, everything comes in its own time.


Q6. I used to do Meditation regularly but, now since 2-3 years when I sit bad thoughts come into my mind and I get up and cant sit
even for 5 minutes.

Babaji – Sister, don’t get up keep sitting. Mind is like a computer, whatever you feed in it you get it, if you feed good things you will
get good thoughts, if you feed bad things you get bad thoughts. If you want to get rid of bad thoughts, first let them come into your
mind, when they come delete them immediately, don’t keep reading them or holding on to them for a long time.


Q7. Will our family members also go through our Karmas?

Babaji – Sister, yeh to vahi baat hui ki aapki shaadi ho aur aap apne partner ko kaho ki “Ab mere Karam aap bhugtoge”. The family members can help us go through our Karmas and sympathize with us but, cant go through them, everyone has to go through their Karmas themselves.


Q8. It is said that after Naam Daan all our problems and pains end?

Babaji – Sister, yeh aapse kisne kaha? Maine to nahee kaha. (laughter from audience) Whether you are Initiated or not you will have to go through your Karmas, you will experience pleasure as well as pain. The only difference is that if you are Initiated you will become
strong to face your Karmas “Sooli ka shool ho jayega”. But, you will have to go through them.


Q9. Why is the path to meet the Lord so difficult? (The lady was crying a lot while asking this question)

Babaji – Sister, this path is not difficult, we have made it difficult by not following this path and by not doing Mediation regularly. If we do regular Meditation then this path will become easier for us.


Q10. I can’t see anything in Meditation.

Babaji – You should not worry about the results but, only concentrate on your duty. He knows when to show it to you and will show it when your time comes.


Q11. I do Simran but don’t do Bhajan, is it all right?

Babaji – Brother, its like you have cooked the food but, have not eaten it, if you don’t eat it then how will it make your healthy and
how will you receive benefit from it? Doing Bhajan is as important as doing Simran.

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