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Malik par Vishwas – Sakhi

Once there was a Satsangi who had come to Beas for the Sewa, After his ten days of sewa he was about to go home but somehow a day before leaving, his leg broke down. He was very upset and he thought that I did sewa for 10 days and what did he get in return – A broken leg.
As we know, Master knows everything, After showering the Darshans to Sangat, when Maharaj Ji was going back home, He met with that Satsangi and asked him do sit for Meditation in the night.
When the Satsangi sat for meditation, Maharaj ji took his soul to the next level and he saw that the Bus, in which he was traveling back Home, met with an accident and in that accident he was dead. He himself saw his dead body as well. Because he was at Satguru’s shelter, Maharaj Ji cut his KARMAS and just let his leg broke down and saved him from death.
When his soul came back to normal, he started crying and prayed to God – “Please forgive me”, “Please forgive me”

Moral – We should have complete FAITH on our Satguru, They won’t let anything wrong happen to us, Whatever happens to us, happens for good.

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