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Maharaj ji ki Aseem Daya Mehar

Radha Soami Ji, Today I am going to share my experience which compel me to believe that there is some power who look after everyone in this world. In the year 1982 I got my weight losing day by day. I consulted several doctors but no one could traced it out. Every doctor declared different disease. However, in the year 1983 I went to AIIMS and get checked up my self. In a test it was detected that there was TB in my back bone (Reed Ki Haddi) and it was at last stage. Doctors said treatment is difficult and they have to operate it. I got admitted in AIIMS. My mother in law and wife started remembering God and Satguru. In the night doctors gave me injections and asked me not to take drop of water till completion of the operation.

In the night when I was sleeping one saint wearing white shirt, pyjama, turban and with white beard and shining face came to me. He checked out my x-rays and other reports and after giving me blessing left me. Suddenly I wake up and saw my wife sitting near me. I asked her where is that Baba who came to me and checked my x-ray. She said no such Baba came here. I perhaps saw that saint in my dream. In the morning I was taken in the operation room. Doctors asked nurses to bring my x-rays. When nurses went into the room and found all my x-rays missing. Doctors asked them to search everywhere but those could not be found. Doctor said without x-rays it is not possible to operate. He ordered for new x-rays and asked me to come after one week and discharged me. After one week when I reached the hospital with reports of the x-ray doctor was surprised to see that there was no disease symptoms in those x-rays and I was completely Ok.

In the year 1986 I was posted to Amritsar. Once I saw the same saint in my dream who asked me to attend the Satsang. That saint was conducting Satsang in my dream and I was listening. Suddenly my wife shook me and asked to have tea. I said her can’t she wait for some time so that I could listen the whole Satsang, I was surprised and wanted to know who was that saint who first came into my dream when I was admitted in a hospital in Delhi and now when I came to Amritsar he gave me darshan and satsang. In the afternoon I met one of my friend who was Head Clerk in Punjab police and was posted in Amritsar. I discussed with him about the dream and the saint. He laughed and asked me to come to his house in the evening. When I reached his house he took me in one room and asked me to see the photo. I was surprised to see the photo of that saint who came into my dream. My friend told me that this saint is Charan Singh Maharaj and is in Beas. He also asked me to accompany him to Beas. Next day he took me Beas and I got Darshan of Charan Singh ji Maharaj. With the help of my friend of Punjab Police I could see Satguru Charan Singh ji Maharaj personally and I asked my murshid Satguru the reason of coming into my dream. Charan Singh ji Maharaj said , “Satguru ko jinhen apni taraf khinchna hota hai khinch lete hai.” After that I started visiting Dera Beas and took naam daan. Satguru Charan Singh ji Maharaj also said me , “Agar koi sant tumhare sapne mein aakar kuch dete hain to kisi ko batayen mat. Unki di hui daat ko apne tak rakhen . nahin to uske baad Sant phir sapne mein nahin aate.”

Aaj meine Mehar ki sakhi padhi to mujhe yaad aa gaya. Is saakhi ko jo mere saath hi hui thi meine bahut se premiyon ke saath share kiya tha. Aaj phir kai saalon baad moka mila hai share karne ka. Satguru apne premiyon ki dekh bhaal khud karte hain bas aapks vishwas bana rahna chahiye. Log dukh aate hi satguru ko bhul jaate hain aur Doctor doctor chillane lagte hain. Lekin jo aatma ka doctor hai use yaad rakhen to bimaari kabhi pass nahin aayegi. Aaj mein garv se kah sakta hun ki Satguru ki itni mehar hui hai ki 1983 ke baad se kabhi bhi mein bimaar nahin pada. Radha Soami ji. Kuch bhul ho gayi ho to kshama chaunga.

Radha Soami Ji

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