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Questions & Answers Session – Singapore 13 Apr 2014 -Part 2 of 2

Ques: A lady asked Babaji on behalf of a friend: She said, my friend is very unhappy with her partner and wants to end the marriage?
Babaji said: I am against divorce and said nowadays youngsters are in a hurry for everything: hurry to earn money, hurry to marry and divorce, in the process they are burning themselves. He said that her friend has to do her responsibility, be a good example herself. We should stop finding faults in each other; we should look at our weaknesses and improve on it. Babaji said slowly things will change in the marriage, to have patience and things will change.

Ques: I want to take Naam but I am scared of losing my identity.
Babaji said: What are we really talking of losing? He said we have nothing to lose. When the body itself is not ours what identity are we talking about? He said we should read our histories- great leaders, saints have come and gone. If they have not been able to retain their identity who are we? He said to get something in life we have to lose something. Till the Me, Mine is there in us we can never attain God. We have to get our priorities right. He said what are we proud of? Our beauty!! We should go to a hospital and see the sick. Our fame and money!! Read the histories of our leaders who were shot dead. So he said we have to sit and think: what do we really want in life and where are we running towards!! God has given us what we need i.e. Food to eat, clothes to wear and a house to live in but our desires and greed have made us miserable and unhappy

Ques: A lady got up and started complaining of her husband and family and said they are not satsangis etc
Babaji immediately told her not to display her personal things in public, and added that she should not criticize if her family is of another path. She should set a good example in front of them. Being a satsangi her responsibility is more.

Ques: Many people told me Babaji that meditation is an impossible task.
Babaji replied: Nothing is impossible. If God has chosen us to take the path, he is sure that we will be able to do meditation or else he would not have chosen us. So he told us: You do your duty and rest will be taken care of by God. He said, God is at your door always, it is us who do not open the door.

Ques: A lady insisted that ashes should be allowed to be put in Beas river.
Babaji told her: Ashes should be put in water for hygienic reasons and said by putting in Beas or Ganga or Hardwar would not really make a difference as the soul has already gone away where it belongs so we should not get in any of these superstitions that by immersing in Beas we will get mukti.

Ques: A lady told Babaji she sits only 30 mins daily in a day for meditation and not 2 and half hours daily
Babaji laughed and told her, if you work for half a day you will get salary for half day so if you sit for 30 mins you will get salary for 30 mins. What you give you will receive. If we work for one day, we cannot expect salary for the whole month.

Ques: A man told Babaji that he is a seeker and gets very angry when he sees the followers of the path doing wrong things.
Babaji replied: He should not find faults in others: firstly we should correct ourselves, check our weakness. He said Nobody is perfect.

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