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Baba Ji Questions and Answers – Canada 2011

These Questions and Answers are from one of the Canada trip in 2011

Question 1: Disciple: Maharaj ji, I sit in meditation. I used to have DARSHANS and even listen to DHUN. Then I had some problem. I told my friend, my friend advised me to write a letter to you. But I do not know how to write. So I told my entire problem to my friend and told her to write. Since that day, everything has stopped.
Maharaj ji, it is not my fault; I do not know how to write.

Answer 1: Babaji – Continue doing Bhajan Simran, Everything would be fine eventually.

Question 2: Disciple: Master, Everything is based on TATVAS, what are they?

Answer 2: Babaji – Every creation is made out of elements. Animals, birds and reptiles, etc., have 1, 2, 3, or 4 elements. Only human beings have all the 5 elements. It is the combination of these elements that make life on this

Question 3: Disciple: Master, can you tell us the difference between wishful thinking & destiny?

Answer 3: Babaji – Wishful thinking is what you think, destiny is what takes place.

Question 4: Disciple: Maharaj ji, I do Bhajan and Simran every day for 4-6 hours but I don’t get Darshans inside.

Answer 4: Babaji – Have Patience and Continue with bhajan, simran

Question 5: Disciple: Maharaj ji, In the West, people are so corrupt and yet they are economically advanced and are happier?

Answer 5: Babaji – They may be economically advanced but not spiritually advanced.

Question 6: Disciple: Why does an honest man suffer the most?

Answer 6: Babaji – Again it is your own conception. How do you know that it is their suffering? To them it might be and mean happiness.

Question 7: Disciple: I am initiated by Maharaj Charan Singh and I want to see my Master. How much of Charan do we see in you?

Answer 7: Babaji – I am not here to replace anyone. Your Master is yours. You are just here to have my Darshan.

Question 8: Disciple: Why did the lord make this creation? Why did he make good & bad karmas? And then we have to do the meditation because of our karmas. Why?

Answer 8: Babaji – If you explain to a 4 yr. old child, how he was born; He will not understand. But when he grows old, in time, he will understand. Similarly when you reach that stage (Lord’s Stage/Realization) by higher mediation, you can ask the Lord or you will automatically get the answers on your own.

Question 9: Disciple: Before my marriage, I dreamt of the type of boy I would like to marry and it came out to be true! What would you call that?

Answer 9: Babaji – Call it whatever you want.

Question 10: Disciple: Master, is initiation enough to achieve salvation?

Answer 10: Babaji – Initiation is like a bulldozer. If you do your meditation you will go along with it. But if you do not, still you will be dragged along. This will cause you more pain and suffering. Initiation is just not enough.
Action is important!

Question 11: Disciple: A lady asked: Master, I am cooking meat for my family. Am I sinning?

Answer 11: Babaji – Sister you have to do your duty & create harmony in the house, you are just doing your duty. You need favorable surroundings to meditate. Continue your bhajan simran.

Question 12: Disciple: Master, is it wrong to beat our children as a form of punishment?

Answer 12: Babaji – Brother, it is always better to explain and talk to your children with love and affection. Nothing has ever been gained by violence. Try to reason with your children and give them your point of view till they understand. What can be gained with love cannot be gained with beating or punishment.

Question 13: Disciple: Maharaj ji, if we stop killing animals, what will happen to the world?

Answer 13: Babaji – If you have no right to give a life, you have no right to take a life as well.

Question 14: Disciple: Why do we get irritated?

Answer 14: Babaji – Are you perfect?
Disciple: No!
Babaji – Then why get irritated at others faults.

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