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Baba Ji – Vancouver – Canada – July 2017 visit Question Answers

राधा स्वामी जी – विजया जी ने बाबा जी के vancouver, Canada के quesiton / Answer भेजे हैं, English / Hindi mixed language है, कल इसका हिंदी Translation करके भी भेजे जायेंगे, साथ ही अगले कुछ दिनों में हमारी Mobile App का New Version भी आ रहा है, जिसमे शब्द, सत्संग फोटोज आदि काफी कुछ होगा, साथ ही तक़रीबन सारा content English और हिंदी दोनों languages में होगा !!!


Finally the day came when we got relieved and blessed by the presence of our guru.. it was today Babaji blessed sangat at Vancouver with his darshan and each soul present there could not be more happy! It was indeed one of the best days..
Babaji arrived on stage at shabad- “kehe lare dena e sanu, do ghadia mil jai.. nehre wasse tha na dasse, dhunda kitwal jai…. akh gyo mud ayo nahi, seene de wich bhadkan bhai”..

That divineness on his face with humility in folded hands.. it was indeed a treat to eyes! Hall was reverberating by the voice of sangat crying seeing their master after 4 years!

Babaji just said few lines in satsang and then asked for sangat if they have any questions.. he just said, “huzur kehnde c apne gum laeke bhawe ao but ao ta c.. atleast ohnu yad ta rakho.. je appa ohde bhane ch rahange, oh mehr zrur kruga.. sada kam h bhane ch rehna that’s what should matter to us.. we just need to be good children and appreciate the teachings of our parents”

Q/A session was about 45 minutes long! Babaji just wanted to give sangat a chance to ask whatever doubts they may have. In that session, there were many types of questions, some really good, some not much relevant but still asked with love and devotion. Here are few questions which I can recall:

1. Girl asked Babaji- Babaji it has been a while I got initiated, but now I am not able to sit in the exact gesture which was told at the time of initiation, my back aches if I tend to keep my neck straight.
Babaji responded- beta, we must sit in the posture told unless we can not. If back hurts, you can use support at the back and try keeping back straight.

2. An English guy to Babaji- Babaji welcome to Vancouver and thank you for blessing us an opportunity to see you again! Thank you for making such a beautiful place (study center) for all of us to unite. I am an orphan, whom you have blessed with 1000s or family members as sangat. Earlier there used to be different meetings for anglophones and different meetings for Punjabi people and we didn’t get any chance to know each other! Thank you for bringing a great initiative and bringing all us together! Another thing I wanna ask- in Beas, during those amazing sessions held either those are Q/A sessions in mand Pandal or the normal satsangs.. we(anglophones) can’t understand much and for us, the only association, the only reason is just you, to see you! Is that association enough!? Is that right? Babaji asserted that he is planning to visit America and Canada every year now.. so there won’t be much of a delay now. And he said association is a huge thing as it’s the sole reason of anything. It’s like the center of gravity, things we are associated with are the ones that have the maximum influence .. we tend to remember and think about them a lot .. so if we are associating ourselves with our master, nothing like that ..

3. lady to Babaji- Babaji thank you for all your blessings and grace that you have been showering on all of us irrespective of the fact whether we appreciate or not! I want to apologize as I have failed as a mother. I am a single mother, and I am not able to provide the things a child deserves .. everytime I just keep consoling myself saying this is what Babaji wants or he knows everything.. please bless me and give me strength so I can take care of my child.. Babaji- beta, karma da hisab sabne dena, ohde ch koi kujh ni kr skda.. no one is here to ridicule the karma theory.. inspite of everything, one must have to go through karmas, but having said that, if we keep meditating, it will increase our retention and provides us strength to tackle with worldly obligations and duties!

4. Girl to Babaji- Babaji I got married 2 years back and I moved to Canada after that. My life was so beautiful, I was very happy with my husband and in laws.. now, at present, things changed, I am living with my parents, my life has been worse than hell now.. I can’t bear now.. should I take a divorce? What do you suggest? Babaji responded- beta ah decision you should make with your parents.. discuss with them.. and decide.. you see marriage is nothing but a mere experimentation. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. It’s all about compatibility! There’s nothing wrong in divorce.. it’s a way to use if you find yourself not compatible.. as far as divorce is concerned in your case, I can’t comment as for me all are equal, I can’t be biased. Discuss with your parents. You should not be at a stage later in future when you repent or think I might have done something. Do your best now to workout.

5. A boy to master- Babaji I have been hearing these weird noises lately.. I am not sure if they are spiritual or I am crazy or something.. Babaji- beta, there’s nothing about being crazy.. it’s all impressions.. our mind reflects what it absorbs or what it’s exposed to for longer time.. the same guy- Babaji, I do feel the longing.. I miss you .. sangat here miss you a lot and as going Beas is not feasible for everyone due to work issues, or other things. Please do keep coming .. it’s a treat watching you everytime.Babaji-beta longing is a first step to spirituality.. just be in his bhana.. he knows everything.. dont think if you are not able to fly to India he can’t visit you! That’s what the love is.. bache vichoda pa dinde h Ma bap ni pande beta..

6. Girl to Babaji- Babaji thank you for stopping by in Vancouver.. I can’t thank you much .. I was wondering, when is the exact time to get initiated? Sanu kad and kive pta lgda k now it’s the time? Babaji- beta, you will come to know when the time is.. you will realise by yourself! Your inner self will tell you! Girl again- Babaji I am not initiated, what should I do? I can’t even do dhyan! Babaji- beta dhyan can’t even be done by people who are initiated! So for you don’t worry much at present! Just read literature and be a good human!

At the end, Babaji wrapped the session saying-“it was wonderful being here with you all. Thank you for coming! May God bless you all! Radhasoami!”.

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