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Baba Ji Question Answers – FAYETTEVILLE, USA July 2017

After Satsang the question answer session was started and persisted for about 55 – 60 minutes. This whole session was full of Laughter, Pretty smiles of Baba Ji and the spectacular actions of The Master where everyone could feel as Baba ji was answering every individual’s question. Few questions from the whole session are….

QUESTIONER : Baba Ji I Love You… I love You….Really I love ( she repeated that many times and then started crying )
BABA JI : If your love is true then there is no need to discuss that in public. You are saying it again and again that means you know that there is some lacking in your own love. Keep your love in your heart.

QUESTIONER : Baba Ji.. tusi mere kolon bahut saal badi sewa layi. Main Beas, Parour aur sab jagah jaanda riha haan par hun jad da main ithe aaya haan meri sewa band ho gayi hai. Merian doven kidnian kharaab
ho gayian hun, har do din baad dialysis hunda hai. Mere Malik mainu meri sewa wapis baksh dio.
BABA JI : Koi gal nahi tusi bahut sewa kiti hai, hun kise hor nu vi mauka lain dio. Tusi asli sewa karia karo.
Questioner: Baba Ji Bhajan kita nahi jaanda, main baith nahi sakda ( Bimari Karan )
Baba Ji : Koi gal nahi tusi let ke Bhajan kar lia karo.

QUESTIONER : Baba Ji.. main tuhade kolon muafi mangani hai. Main is waar India gia si par Dere jaa ke tuhade darshan nahi kar sakia. Tuada bahut bahut thanks ki tusi ithe aaye ho te saade te mehar kiti hai.
BABA JI : Ajkal kalyug hai kaka, sab kuj puttha hi hunda hai. Ajkal chele Guru de darshan nahi karde, Guru nu chelian de darshan karne painde hun.

QUESTIONER : Baba Ji.. five years before, brother of my wife died at the age of 29. After that she stopped believing in God. I thought she will be fine with time but it is same till now. What should I do ?
BABA JI : What kind of weak faith it is which is connected to some birth or death. Is there any one available here in all of us who has never seen any death ? Birth and death is the process of life created by The Lord on which we have no control. We should not lose faith in God in any circumstances.

QUESTIONER : Baba Ji… My Naani is not well, she wanted to come here but was not able to. She has conveyed Radha Soami to you but she was not happy because she missed it.
BABA JI : In ancient days in Uttar Pradesh, India when there was huge shortage of water all around. Those days one person in family used to take bath and say other that “HUM NAHAWAT – TUM NAHAWAT”. Now when you go back home , tell your Naani “ HUM DEKHAT – TUM DEKHAT”, Naani will be fine.

QUESTIONER : Baba Ji… There are lot of vaccinations mandatory for new born kids in America as compared to India. I heard that some vaccinations contain animal content, what should we do ?
BABA JI : I think there are some synthetic vaccinations available these days without animal content. If it is not then you should contact Doctor.

QUESTIONER : Baba JI… my daughter is satsangi from childhood but my son in law doesn’t believe in Satmat. He says that all these saints are fraud. He is a very good human being otherwise. He never stopped us going to Satsang. Even today he himself dropped us here and will pick us up after Satsang.
BABA JI : We should not force anybody to believe something. This is world of democracy. Everyone has right to think or follow anything. You keep doing your job, he will come when he himself start believing.

QUESTIONER : Baba Ji.. I want some time to meet you in private. I tried that at Dera many times but I was not able to.
BABA JI : That is not possible. I am going back after this.
Questioner : … Please Baba Ji..
Baba Ji : …. No Beta, there might be many people here who need that but I cannot pick and drop some of you.
The questioner was insisting again and again. Then Baba Ji said “You talk to management”

QUESTIONER : … Baba Ji .. Sachkhand kiddan da hunda. Matlab kia othe vi eddan hi insaan ture firde ne, main puchhna chaunda haan ki aakhir othe ki hunda hai, kiven hunda hai ?
BABA JI : Mainu pata tusi ki puchhna chaunde ho… ehi na ki othe vi bibian disdian ki nahi… Jiven oh Musalmaana ch kehnde ne ki othe ja ke 40 hooran milangian..
Questioner: Nahi Baba Ji bas main pata karna chaunda haan ke kia othe vi parmatma , guru eh sab hunda ?
Baba Ji : Nahi .. Jad boond samundar vich mildi hai taan ki banda hai… bas samundar. Bas eddan hi othe vi sab kuj Os Ik vich hi smaa jaanda hai.

QUESTIONER : Baba Ji .. Should we really not eat that “Silver Vark” on the sweets ?
BABA JI : Yes, it is made by two ways. One in machines, other, putting silver in side beef skin and by hammering on top of it to make a thin layer. I don’t think that they use this process here in USA.
Questioner : .. So we should avoid eating that ?
Baba Ji : .. Yes if you are not sure you can remove it from the top. Waise mithai khaani zarur hai tu… mota ho jayenga !!!

QUESTIONER : … Baba Ji .. Your moustaches are very amazing, how do you do that.
BABA JI : When I wake up in the morning, I search for electric socket near to me, go there, put my two fingers inside that socket and my moustaches become straight up like this.
Questioner : No , I mean Baba Ji, what kind of oil you use for your beautiful beard.
Baba Ji : Why should I use any oil. It is good like it is.
Questioner : You mean to say you are blessed with that..
Baba Ji : Yes…

QUESTIONER : Baba Ji … Mere bache chhote hun. Main chahndi haan ki main khoob Bhajan karan par time nahi milda. Chhote chhote bache hon karan sara time nikal jaanda hai.
BABA JI : Koi gal nahi beta, oh vi saadi responsibility hai jo aapan puri karni hai. Haule Haule bache wadde ho jaange fir ziada time mil jaawega. Filhaal ohna di dekh bhaal karo ate jo vi time mile ona Simran karia karo.

QUESTIONER : Baba JI .. Main kuj nahi puchhna. Tuhadi badi kirpa hoi hai ki tuhadi sidhi drishti mere upar pai rahi hai.
BABA JI : Is da matlab hai ki meri drishti ya taan idhar pai rahi hai ya odhar, aa vich waale taan reh gaye oddan ee. ( There were two lines for questioners, one on extreme left & other on extreme right )

🙏Radha Soami Ji 🙏

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