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Baba Ji California, USA visit – Q&A – July 17

राधा स्वामी जी, ये Q & A हमें आस्था जी ने भेजे, जिस Language में भेजे हैं, वैसे ही पोस्ट कर रहा हूँ जी, पिछले कुछ दिनों से मोबाइल ऍप के नए version पर काम कर रहा हूँ इसलिए हिंदी में translate नहीं कर पा रहा, उम्मीद है कि कल सुबह तक नई मोबाइल ऍप ready हो जाएगी, जिसमें शब्द, photos, सत्संग – हिंदी और English (कुछ दिनों में पंजाबी में भी) होंगे।

Baba Ji’s Petaluma Visit 24th July 2017
BabaJi was scheduled to arrive at 5 pm. Sangat was in place by 4 pm and shbad recitation had started at 4 pm.
However, Babaji arrived at the stage at 4.33 pm. He showered His Drishti on the whole Sangat for 5 minutes and then He said, “any question”.

Q&A session continued for one hour and 15 minutes, Most of the questions except a few were irrelevant to Santmat, Few are as under:-

Lady: BabaJi, earlier Bhajan was going smoothly but lately it is not doing well. I feel pain in the chest when l sit in Bhajan.
Ans. There can never be pain in Bhajan Simran. Have you ever heard that Bhajan Simran creates pains?
It is some kind of fear that is bothering you. Just keep on doing Bhajan Simran and tell that fear ‘do whatever you want to do, I am not afraid of you’.

Englishman: BabaJi, I am a seeker. I have read so many books about Christ and Radha Soami. There is very good information at our website.

BabaJi interrupted in between saying that we’ll bring a Video on Hospital and then sees on the website. The questioner continued saying whom he should believe?
Ans. We all are seekers. Had we known everything, we would have not been sitting here. You call Him father, mother or whatever you like but the reality is the same.
You need a Master to move on spiritualism.

Indian Lady: BabaJi, in last few months we have lost 4-5 people in the family and we are shattered.
Ans. Beta this is the part of life. Is there anybody here who has not seen death. Can we stop everything due to this? We must keep on doing Bhajan Simran. Rest He will take care.

Englishman: Baba Ji, thank you for visiting California on a short notice. Everybody can not go to east cost. Baba Ji, I follow you whatever you say but a voice comes from inside ‘why I am doing this?’ I don’t know what to do.
BabaJi: Beta forget everything and keep on doing Bhajan Simran. Q Even my wife tells me to ignore such feeling but I am not able to.
BabaJi: beta you should have faith and do Bhajan, that’s it. There is no other way.

Am: but I always think why I am doing this? I am confused. BabaJi: that means you not need me and I should leave.
A Guru is required when you need him but a Guru is not required when you do not need him.
Shoot me? (Pointing towards his head like holding a gun) and said ‘Booooom’.

American: No no BabaJi, we need you but how I am not able to get away with that feeling of why. BabaJi: BabaJi picked up the watch from the table, raised his hand and dropped the watch, leave it like this. ( I guess, last time also this gentleman asked similar question).
Indian Lady: BabaJi, I am not keeping a good health. Earlier there was a problem with backbone and kidney problem. I go for dialysis every alternate day. BabaJi mehar karo. Aap Sab kuchh kar sakte ho.
BabaJi: Beta Bhajan Simran karo aur Baki us par chhod do. Wo Sab theek karega.

Indian Man: BabaJi I have a problem with my backbone and now doctors have suggested a surgery.
BabaJi: No no, do not go for surgery. One you will feel relief but you will find the same problem after two years. You should do some exercise to keep the back flexible. Find some physiotherapist who can do this.

Indian Boy: BabaJi I am going to get married in December. I invite you to attend my marriage.
BabaJi: Main tumhari Barbadi main Shamil nahin ho sakta.

English Lady: BabaJi, I am not able sit in Bhajan. Is it necessary to sit a particular posture?
Baba Ji: No, beta you can sit in Chair, you can lie down on bed. You can adopt any posture but you should be able to do Bhajan.

In the end when every one in two Q&A enclosures has asked the questions, BabaJi thanked the whole Sangat for coming on the short notice, said Radha Soami and left.

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