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Questions & Answers Session – Singapore 13 Apr 2014 -Part 2 of 2

Ques: A lady asked Babaji on behalf of a friend: She said, my friend is very unhappy with her partner and wants to end the marriage? Babaji said: I am against divorce and said nowadays youngsters are in a hurry for everything: hurry to earn money, hurry to marry and divorce, in the process they are burning themselves. He said ...

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Baba Ji Questions and Answers – Canada 2011

These Questions and Answers are from one of the Canada trip in 2011 Question 1: Disciple: Maharaj ji, I sit in meditation. I used to have DARSHANS and even listen to DHUN. Then I had some problem. I told my friend, my friend advised me to write a letter to you. But I do not know how to write. So ...

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