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Baba Ji Sakhi

During one satsang of Baba ji, there was a Satsangi Lady and she had a severe pain in her Teeth. Sewadaars went to Baba Ji and told them about the situation and requested him to Have mercy on her (उस पर दया करो, उसके दाँतो में दर्द हो रहा है), Baba Ji replied ask her to take some medicines.

Sewadaars came back to the Lady and asked her to take the medicines, She took the medicines but pain was still as it was earlier. Sewadaars again went to Baba Ji and said “Please have mercy on her, She is in severe pain and pain is unbearable” Baba Ji replied “She is getting Mercy, Infact It is only Mercy that she is going through this” and then Baba Ji told the sewadaars in detail:

In her previous life, She stole a 2 year kid. She took off the baby’s gold chain and killed the baby. So as per her karma’s that baby was supposed to kill this lady in this life but due to HIS mercy, HE made that baby a small insect and make him sit on her teeth and now on the account of killing that baby in her past life, she would just have to bear the pain for 4-5 hours.

MORAL: We also should have FAITH on BABA JI and trust that whatever is happening is happening for some reason and also that Baba ji is there for us and making our life easier.

TO READ THIS SAKHI IN HINDI – Click http://beassakhi.blogspot.in/2011/10/Baba-ji-ki-sakhi.html

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